Sentimental Robin Egg Blue Fashion

Not only do I love this dress because it is vintage, but it also has sentimental value to me.  This is the dress that my Grandma wore as her "going away dress" after her wedding!  This unique vintage dress is 56 years old!  My Grandma got it an old Younkers when she was 20 years old.  Continue reading to find out more!

Outfit Details:

  • Dress: I love all of the little details on this dress.  There are darts for a better fit.  The embroidered design adds so much character to the dress.  It is the dress the my Grandma wore after her wedding.  She bought it at Younkers in 1961.  
A close up of the skirt

A close up of the bodice.
  • Shoes: The brown simple flats are from Target.  They are a nice touch to the outfit, but do not take away from the dress. 

  • White Cardigan: This white is from a thrift store.  I love wearing it with this dress when it is a bit chilly out. 

  • Earrings:  I got these simple pearl earrings from Claires.  They are a simple yet elegant accessory. 

Overall I love this dress and outfit.  It is vintage {which I love} and it is a special memory.  The robin egg blue is a gorgeous color for spring and summer, and the fit is just perfect!

Thank you for checking out my blog friends! ~Anna Kaye


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