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Retro Feels

What's up my groovy friends?  I love this radical outfit!  ...Okay, so enough with the 50's lingo, but seriously this outfit is pretty great!

Outfit Details: Shoes: Shoes are my absolute favorite accessory.  These white high top Converse are so popular; I totally understand why!  You can wear them with many different clothing styles, and the color white is super versatile!  The only bad thing about these shoes is how quickly they get dirty!  
Shorts:  Did your jaw drop when you saw these amazingly cute shorts?  I know mine sure did!  From the light wash to the embroidered design these shorts are one of my favorites.  I love finds like these that are modest and cute!  I got these from TJ Maxx!
Shirt: I can not even tell you all how comfortable this shirt is!  The print on the front is vintage license plates arranged in to the shape of the U.S.A., and it has a baseball tee style.  I like to wear this shirt tucked in or knotted on the side.    Gray is also a very versatile color…

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