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Fall Florals

It's officially fall y'all!  There are so many things that I look forward to in fall...pumpkin pie, birthdays, harvest, and on and on I could go!  Today I am going to share my very first fall outfit!  From the dark teal color to the blush floral print this dress screams fall, yet there are no orange or yellow hues in sight.  That shows that if your color is not red, yellow, or orange, you can still rock some SUPER CUTE fall attire this year!

Outfit Details: Dress:  From the faux bell sleeves, to the lace up neckline, this dress holds so much detail.  The dress is lightweight and flowy, but still the perfect warmth for a nice fall day.  I love the flowy skirt and the gathered waistline which add so much shape to the dress.  Even the back of this floral print dress is unique!  It is an open back, but at the same time it is totally modest. I LOVE it!!!
  Moving on from the structure and shape of the dress, can we just take a moment and look at this floral print???
The floral dec…

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