The Vintage Polka-Dots

This vintage styled, polka-dot, wrap style dress is light and perfect for a warm summer day!

My Goal:

I sewed this dress because I love anything vintage, I wanted to learn how to sew on bias tape, I wanted to learn how to sew on snaps, and I wanted to increase my knowledge on reading patterns.

About My Dress:

The total cost of my dress was: $26.84
  • Pattern (from Jo-Ann Fabric): $3.99
  • Hem tape: $1.99
  • Thread: $0.99
  • Snaps: I already had
  • Bias tape (from Jo-Ann Fabric): $2.49
  • Fabric (from Jo-Ann Fabric): $17.38
This dress was not a piece of cake to make, I ran into quite a few of problems.  After sewing the bodice together I realized that the darts did not conform to my body shape and I had to readjust the darts.  The challenge resulted in cutting a new bodice piece.  When I was almost done with my dress the pattern instructions used a term that I did not know (knobs).  I researched on the computer and consulted with seasoned sewers.  I ultimately called Simplicity hotline for the solution.  A knob is the male part of a snap.

Measuring the bodice of my dress.

Pinning the bias tape onto my dress.
The thin white bias tape is a small piece of the dress, yet it has a large emphasis.  The bias tape's line is straight, curved, and vertical, forming a path around the edges of the dress.  The three bows made out of the same bias tape are proportionally placed and add emphasis on the back of the dress.  The cool aqua material, which is adorned with small, white polka-dots, has a smooth and light texture.  The bias tape provides unity throughout the whole dress, without it the dress would look incomplete.

Outfit Details:

The accessories that I enjoy wearing with my vintage dress are:
  • white vintage gloves (found at an antique mall)
  • pearl earrings
  • white flats, white heels, or brown flats
  • a white sweater that I found at thrift store
    Front of my dress.

    Back of my dress.


I have worn my dress to church, and a wedding.  I am looking forward to wearing it many more places this summer!  I love how full the skirt of my dress is, it actually forms a full circle when laid out.  My family and I joke that it could be our new Christmas tree skirt :).  Another element that I love about my dress is the fabric.  Aqua is my favorite color and I love polka-dots!  The satisfaction of wearing something that you made is an awesome feeling!
Wearing my vintage dress while sitting on my Dad's vintage car!

If any of y'all are planning or in the midst of a sewing project, happy sewing!  ~Anna Kaye


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